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Dr. Frank Bahr



Dr. Frank Bahr, Germany, detected more than 14 major bio-frequencies and Chakra frequencies. He was a student of Dr. Nogier and is today the President of the largest German acupuncture society (DAA).  The Bahr frequencies correspond to ear points, body acupuncture, three skin tissues layers, and the nervous system.    The most important of his frequency discoveries are BAHR 1, BAHR 2 and the Chakra differentions. The frequencies are pre-programmed in the RJ laser devices and new frequencies will be added to the RJ therapy software. 

Dr. Bahr uses the Physiolaser Olympic with the Cluster probe and 500mW attachments.  He also uses the Polylaser Trion on the pain relieving frequency setting.

Refer to the operation manual/software to get to know the actual range of frequencies.

BAHR 1 Frequencies

Frequency (Hz) Actions, areas of the body
1/599.5Hz Disruption in conversation of acquired energy,
disruption in conversation of own energy resources,
source of illness, affinity to sympatetic nerve system
Lower tissue layer
2/1,1199Hz Transfer of energy, neuronal energy and distribution
function, hormonal and nerve systems, affinity to
parasympathetic nerve system
Central tissue layer
3/2,398Hz Boundary and tangential area between man and the
environment, biotic points, Omega-Ren channel
Surface tissue structures
4/4796Hz Omega-Du channel points
5/9592Hz Oscillation frequency, Super omega
6/19,184Hz  Left axis, right points
7/38,360Hz  Right axis, left points


BAHR 2 Frequencies

Frequency (Hz) Indication
963.5Hz Pain
1,131Hz Hysteria
7,708Hz Homeopathy
1,927Hz Allergy
699Hz Defense
637Hz Yang Energy
1102Hz Yin Energy